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Sooner or later the owners of a business/core shareholders are confronted by the following questions:

What is the value of the business as a whole or its individual parts?
How can you grow the business through M&A?
How best to exit a business fully or partially?
How can you carve off and sell an asset or develop it independently without adversely affecting the core business?

Statistics show that time and again mistakes are made when trying to resolve these issues, with a consequent detrimental affect on the value of the business.

To succeed in this area, you need to consider and harmonize a number of factors related to different aspects of the business: Strategy, Finance and HR, Client and Vendor Communications, Licensing; obtain a professional business valuation of the company and assessment of potential synergies, structure the transaction from the perspective of legal, tax and financial issues, and implement the post-merger integration of the companies and/or business/assets.

The extensive knowledge and experience of our specialists will enable you to assess the economic viability of planned actions early in the process, structure clearly and successfully implement the necessary actions and achieve the desired results.


It is often the case that additional finance is required to ensure business growth,  implement particular projects or repay existing loans. A business can select from a number of different options to raise private equity or debt finance, which all have specific advantages and disadvantages and place requirements on the company seeking finance. The extensive knowledge and experience of our specialists will help you select the financing option that is the best one in each specific instance, prepare all the necessary documents, financial and investment models, negotiate with fund providers and attain the desired results.


In both normal conditions and crises a business may find that it is short of the cash required for loan repayments, could be on the verge of bankruptcy, incur losses during certain periods or be less effective compared to its peers. In such cases financial restructuring and/or operational restructuring could be to be most effective solution. Selecting the best option is as a rule contingent on the performance of a professional diagnostics of the issues that need to be resolved and the goals that have been set.

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